Married in France? Don’t use online dating sites!


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An interesting article came out of the UK A judge in France ruled that a married women may be considered cheating on her spouse by using online dating site! A judge ruled and granted divorce for the husband because the wife flirted on online dating sites and sent explicit photos of herself despite not meeting any of them.

The online dating site she used was based in Belgium called Netlog. She defendant indicated that she only made this contact with these men due to the fact that she was going through depression.

Along with this case, the DailyMail also had these stats:

  • Through a survey conducted in April 2014, 1/5 of all people 18-35 years of age have secretly used a dating website while in a relationship
  • 21% of the same age have used the dating app without their partners knowledge
  • Up to 58% indicated that they have used a dating app
  • 14% acknowledged using it right now despite being in a relationship
  • Top dating apps? 1) Plenty of Fish (43%), 2) Tinder (37%), 3) (29%).


Using online dating websites is grounds for divorce, rules French judge | Mail Online.