Can you ever try eHarmony for free?

eharmony for freeMany people wonder if it is possible to give a free trial to eHarmony’s online dating service. The answer is yes and no. As consumers, we are spoiled with previews, free tasting, and can almost return anything we buy if we are not satisfied with the product as long as we follow the return policy. This is somewhat similar to online dating sites. We will outline in full detail what is free on eHarmony and what isn’t.

Free on eHarmony

  1. Without an account
    • Relationship Advice – eHarmony provides a section where you can read up on dating advice. It is very comprehensive and oftentimes has articles written by professional psychologists and dating experts.
    • Dating Advice – not only does eHarmony provide advise on relationships, they also give advice on dating in general. It features articles on being
    • Success Stories – Real people, real results. eHarmony stands by their compatibility formula and often feature real couples with real pictures who met through eHarmony. They also provide lengthy testimonials and even video stories which are all free. You can also browse through different categories where you can read pages upon pages of real testimonies!
    • Tips on using eHarmony – Each online dating site has its own unique feature. eHarmony has a section outside its sign in page where you can read on different topics on how to use it. It has tips on how to select your profile picture, its guided communication, explanation of different features, and how to use its features such as messages, settings, and advise.

  2. With an account
    • eHarmony Compatibility Matching System® – you will get to go through their patented extensive registration questionnaire. Beware, this portion takes several hours. This is the part where you don’t want to casually breeze by it. Take your time and answer the questions truthfully. Trust me. You will want to be truthful here if you want the matching system to work properly.
    • A profile – this is the first step in your online dating journey. Once you get through registration, you will have a profile. You can further customize your profile by adding a picture and further answer questions for your matches to review.
    • The “You” book – This is the result of the questionnaire. You will be able to review your attributes based on Agreeableness, Openness, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness, and Extraversion. It is actually a very detailed analysis based on the answers you gave.
    • Get Matched – With an account, you will be able to get matched with people who are compatible with you based on their patented matching system. With a free account, you will not be able to see pictures, but will be able to see general information such as first name, job title, height, age, location, religious affiliation, education level, and where they attended school. On the right of their general profile, you will be able to send a ‘message’ through their guided communication and send a smile which is like a ‘poke’ or a ‘flirt’.
    • Limited communication – You may receive quick questions but will only be able to send quick questions during ‘Free Communication Weekends‘.

Paid Subscription on eHarmony

  1. Pictures – with a paid subscription on eHarmony, you can finally get to see pictures of your matched profiles.
  2. “What If” feature – This is a new feature where you can see additional matches beyond those you are initially matched with. You can also review who viewed your profile, view matched photos, see when your matches last logged in, send and receive communication.
  3. Send and receive unlimited messages – with a paid subscription service, you can send as many quick questions to your matches as you wish.


Then when is it ever free?

eHarmony actually has a little known policy where you can cancel your subscription within 3 days and you will get a full refund. The catch is this, you will never be able to get through the 4 step guided communication process in 3 days. In other words, you will never get the opportunity to reach the point where you can get a contact number or full name of someone you are interested in. However, you will be able to see pictures of the matches you received in those 2 days.

To maximize the use of your 3 days, you can create a free profile, use free communication weekend to start communicating with your matches, then subscribe to see their photo.


eharmony free communication June 2014

eHarmony wants you to kick off your Summer right by having their first free communication weekend from June 19-22nd. This promotion is only limited to the US this time around. Free communication weekend is a promotional event held by eHarmony to encourage people who are on the fence to try out their website. It also encourages current members as the activity increases with its members. The registration does take a few hours so sign up tonight so you can take full advantage of the 4 days of free communication. Keep in mind free communication doesn’t allow you to communicate freely with other members. You are required to go through their step by step communication process. Think of it as courtship. It gives you pre-set questions which you can select and ask your matches. It then escalates to the next level until you can send messages then talk on the phone then finally meet in person. Don’t expect to get matched with someone on the first day then meet someone the following day. That would be contrary to the eHarmony philosophy.

How to best reach eHarmony customer service

eharmony customer service
eHarmony is an established online dating company. They are one of the first and have a reputation to be almost synonymous to the term ‘online dating’ itself. With that said, bottom line it is a business. They are in the business of connecting people together but they also have investors they need to answer to and a business to run. eHarmony has a not well known policy where you can cancel any subscription 3 days since enrollment. This is a firm deadline and there is no grace period beyond this. Also, if you want to call to cancel your subscription, you must cancel before auto renewal kicks in. If the auto renewal went through, there is no way to reverse it. Make sure you keep on your calendar to call in to cancel the day before the auto renewal.

Phone number for eHarmony:

1 (800) 951-2023 (Consumer)
1 (800) 263-6133 (Refunds) (need to sign on)

You may cancel your registration or subscription, or turn off your auto renewal feature without refund by taking these steps:

Log into your eHarmony account
From your home page/Dashboard, select “Settings,” then “Account Settings”
From the “Billing” Tile, click the “Cancel My Subscription” or “Close Account” link
Provide the information requested

Online Dating – Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing and what most single people think is that they absolutely dread weddings. What worse is it to be reminded that you are single and perhaps lonely as well. On top of that, you will see people you have not met in a long time who will likely ask you about your marital status. First, be reminded that the wedding is not for you. It is for a friend or family whom you have a relationship with and they want to celebrate a special moment with you. So that should be the main focus. If is it not someone who you are close with and you received an invite as a courtesy, I would pass. With that said, not all is lost by attending a wedding if you have the right attitude.

Weddings is an excellent way to meet people. Even though you may not find someone immediately, you may reconnect with an old pal, relative who may hook you up with someone within their circle of friends. Some of the closest friends I have now I met when I was a bridesmaid and they were in the wedding party also. Nothing forces you to get to know someone in a short amount of time than to spend an entire day helping our your dear friends get married! This is the same whether you are single or in a relationship at a wedding.

When you are at a wedding, people are generally extremely friendly and very open to meeting people. Best of all, you will find people within the same social economic status due to the closeness of the wedding couple. If you do attend a wedding with no date, be bold and chat with people all around. Throughout the party, there will be opportunities such as after the wedding ceremony, the reception, and during the banquet. Be a social butterfly and pounce around tables where you know someone and meet guests at their table. Watch out for those who have rings on them though. You don’t want to appear you are hitting on someone else’s dessert :)

eHarmony Free Communication

eHarmony is following up with their Canada exclusive free communication event with the US events starting May 22 2014 through Memorial Day May 26th. This is a 5 day free communication event which beats out chemistry, match, plentyoffish and other dating sites! Sign up now and go through the registration so you can go through 5 days worth of matches and start talking to them! The free communication event will allow you to go through different stages where you ask / answer questions with your matches then move onto the next stage and eventually talk and meet!