What Pictures Not to Use For Your Online Dating Profile


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The biggest hurdle to creating an online dating profile is uploading a picture of yourself. Your goal is to allow other users to know the person that you are. This will be accomplished by the details on your profile and especially the pictures. We have put together a list of no-no’s when selecting a picture to post.

1) Do not post a picture of someone else
The profile is about you. There is no reason to put a picture of someone else. Save the trouble of having the need to explain later and put your own picture.

2) Do not post a picture of you when you are drunk
As much as people are open to dating someone who enjoys a good time here and there, you probably do not want to show a picture of yourself when you are wasted.

3) Do not post a picture of you and someone from the opposite sex
Lets take the guess out of it. There is no benefit in posting a picture with someone from the opposite sex. People will not automatically be able to tell who this person is and why you decided to use this picture. They may also get the impression that you are still not over your last relationship.

4) Do not post a picture where you can barely make out your face
You know, the scuba diving or pictures where you are 5 millimeter height. Post a picture where your features are clearly distinguishable.

5) Do not post a picture of just your pet
I’m pretty darn sure your pet dog didn’t open a online dating profile. No one is online to date your pet, lets keep the pictures humans only.

There you have it. Lets increase your chances by posting a wonderful picture of yourself! Hope you enjoyed this post!