2016 Online Dating Site Ranking & Reviews

Welcome to 2016 online dating ranking site and reviews! This is the 6th year we have conducted this ranking. The ranking is solely based on the popularity of our visitors and our bloggers and is not based on scientific or sample size survey. We go through a series of evaluation in to determine its ranking and explanations are provided below.

eharmony eHarmony again proves to be the most popular online dating site from our data. More users clicked through to eHarmony than any other dating sites featured on our ranking. eHarmony benefit from it’s brand, commercials, and is a staple when referring to eHarmony to online dating. It still boasts of having the most people who are single wanting long term relationships. Click here for current eHarmony coupon codes!
Match.com is still goingstrong after a few setbacks from negative press. With that said, Match.com is up there with eHarmony in terms of associating itself with online dating sites. It boasts of a large user base and one of the best sites to sign up and log right in to search for members instead of having to spend hours upon hours of filling out lengthy questionnaires.
Tinder is the hottest dating app on the market boasting up to 9 BILLION matches! Each member uploads a picture and you swipe left when you are not interested and swipe right when you are interested. Only when there is mutual interest will you be able to have a conversation with each other.
Datingdirect.com was one of the leading online dating site in the UK when it was purchased by meetic group which also owns match.com. It has a large europeon user base and a friendly interface along with its own app.
matchmaker.com has a wide range of match making sites under it’s banner. It boasts of millions of profiles and even have their own app on iOS and Android.

Online Dating – Tinder App Review

tinder reviewThere are numerous online dating apps for iOS and Android OS. One of the most popular one is Tinder. The idea of Tinder is based on ‘Hot or Not’ websites that was extremely popular a few years ago. You are shown a number of pictures within the radius which you designate, and you can click an ‘X’ to cross out or ‘Heart’ to “like”. What is unique about Tinder is that it uses your location based data to find people around you. During registration, they also require you to register using your Facebook account. If you overshare on Facebook, this may not be the best dating app for you unless you are comfortable. Once you register, you are matched with people according to location and if there is mutual interest with the people that you “Like”. You can only then begin communicating with each other.

The integration to Facebook is important. Tinder will take profile pictures, review interests, mutual friends, and basic information to match potential candidates. It was first launched at a USC party and have since exploded to 24 different languages.

Tinder has a blocking feature but be careful, once you block someone, you can no longer unblock them.

Have you tried Tinder? Let us know what you think.


Below are a few more snapshots from the app and are all

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Married in France? Don’t use online dating sites!

An interesting article came out of the UK DailyMail.com. A judge in France ruled that a married women may be considered cheating on her spouse by using online dating site! A judge ruled and granted divorce for the husband because the wife flirted on online dating sites and sent explicit photos of herself despite not meeting any of them.

The online dating site she used was based in Belgium called Netlog. She defendant indicated that she only made this contact with these men due to the fact that she was going through depression.

Along with this case, the DailyMail also had these stats:

  • Through a survey conducted in April 2014, 1/5 of all people 18-35 years of age have secretly used a dating website while in a relationship
  • 21% of the same age have used the dating app without their partners knowledge
  • Up to 58% indicated that they have used a dating app
  • 14% acknowledged using it right now despite being in a relationship
  • Top dating apps? 1) Plenty of Fish (43%), 2) Tinder (37%), 3) Match.com (29%).


Using online dating websites is grounds for divorce, rules French judge | Mail Online.


Miss America Using Matchmaking Tinder App New York

Miss America Using Matchmaking Tinder App New York

NY Post reports that Miss America 2012, Nana Meriwether uses the Tinder app to find dates in NYC! How would you like to find pictures of Miss America on a matchmaker app! The 6 foot Miss America admitted that her profile is real and she created a profile as suggested by a friend. She hasn’t met with anyone YET preferring being hooked up by friends.