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tinder reviewThere are numerous online dating apps for iOS and Android OS. One of the most popular one is Tinder. The idea of Tinder is based on ‘Hot or Not’ websites that was extremely popular a few years ago. You are shown a number of pictures within the radius which you designate, and you can click an ‘X’ to cross out or ‘Heart’ to “like”. What is unique about Tinder is that it uses your location based data to find people around you. During registration, they also require you to register using your Facebook account. If you overshare on Facebook, this may not be the best dating app for you unless you are comfortable. Once you register, you are matched with people according to location and if there is mutual interest with the people that you “Like”. You can only then begin communicating with each other.

The integration to Facebook is important. Tinder will take profile pictures, review interests, mutual friends, and basic information to match potential candidates. It was first launched at a USC party and have since exploded to 24 different languages.

Tinder has a blocking feature but be careful, once you block someone, you can no longer unblock them.

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