Best tips on How to write an awesome online dating profile

You’ve come this far in creating an online dating profile. Whether you are on an app like Coffee Meets Bagel or websites like eHarmony, you want to stand out. Below are three ways you can make yourself stand out to increase your matches and increase the compatibility.

  1. Give the best snapshots of yourself – Don’t go off on a ramble about yourself. Be concise. What do you want to showcase about yourself? What are you good at? Cooking the best rib roast in the world? Snowboarding like Shaun White? Invest sometime to think about your strengths and assets, also make use of good verbs and adjectives in your profile. I guarantee you that it will be the time well spent.
  2. Be honest – when you tell your story, you want to highlight your best, and you also want your profile to be attractive to others. Keep in mind though, whatever you write down has to be candid and represents your true self. You want your potential partner to see the real you, instead of someone you pretend to be. It is going to be beneficial for you and your date (or your potential spouse). I recall a person who hid the fact that they were divorced and had a child. Nothing good will come out of this lie especially if your match has no issues with it.
  3. Take some decent profile pictures (3 minimum). You don’t have to pay $300 for a professional portfolio picture. Yes, it can be selfies from your iPhone, or ask a friend to take some nice pictures of you. This is the best time to showcase yourself, so you want to make sure the picture represents you. Puts on your favorite outfit and your pleasant smile. Lighting is very important! Good lighting and great smile will make you look like million bucks. No blurry and lousy pictures. And please puts some recently taken pictures there, not old pictures from 10 years ago.

With some efforts and a touch of authenticity, you can create an amazing online dating profile that attracts to the one that you want. Don’t worry about it being perfect, you can always go back to revise and improve your profile. It is better to get it started than never.

Q: How can a woman tell if he is a guy with GREAT qualities?

A: I have a few female readers who asked me: ‘I have been dating this guy for a while. He seems funny and smart. But how do you know if this guy is authentic and he is not just bluffing around?

This is a good question, but also a tricky one to address.

First, you can view it from a practical standpoint. There is this guy who is career driven, financially stable and with high education. Usually men in this category have advantages to women, as they are socially recognized as ‘successful men’.

Also, you can get a sense from his style of communication. What type of languages does he use? When he talks to other people, does he show manner and respect?  Pay attention to how he treats other women – whether it is his colleagues, his mother, sister, or the saleswomen in the mall. It will give you some hints how he will treat his future wife.

Lastly, you can try finding out his knowledge in different aspects of life.  Does he possess a wealth of knowledge in many areas? Women often find men attractive if he is smart and funny, as we are fascinated about the stories behind him. It also provides us a sense of security if he can provide answers in various situations.

One thing to watch out though – There are many men who are extremely successful in career, good-looking and they know a lot in politics, money, arts, etc. If a man does not show manner or respect to others, he is not a great guy in my opinion.

Look for someone who is hardworking, well mannered, and willing to show care to others.  Wish you luck!

eharmony offering 12 months for $15.95 a month

eharmony published a new promotion for their online dating service. They are offering $15.95 a month if you subscribe to a 12 month membership. This is 73% off of their standard price if you subscribe for just a month. Click to sign up and use the promo code – EHADVICEUS to get the promotion.

In order to qualify for this promotion, you must be a new member. If you already have a profile, you can create a new profile to take advantage of the promotion as it doesn’t say it is against its terms and conditions. However, you will have to go through the questionnaire questions. It may be good to update the questions may have changed.


eharmony – who questions

I’m going to start a new tidbit section on answering quick questions which has been piling up but not enough to warrant it’s own post. I will break this down to who, what, when, why, how, are, where, and which. You will soon get what I am doing. In this section, I will start with the ‘who’ questions. If you have additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section:

Who uses eharmony?

eharmony is primarily used by people who are interested in getting into a serious relationship. They are less interested in flings and are looking for a long term partner ultimately getting married. The userbase tends to be slightly older than or dating apps such as Tinder.

Who started eharmony?

eharmony was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He is an American clinical psychologist. He also has a theology (Christian) degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. He patented a method to match people called “29 dimensions of compatibility” which is based on four categories – character and constitution, personality, emotional make up and skills, and family and values. He founded eharmony  in 2000. Throughout, he has been involved on and off and finally stepped down as CEO in July 2016.

Who sends the first communication request?

While eharmony uses its patented matching method to match two profiles, it is unclear who has the option to initiate the questions. Dr. Warren himself didn’t make this clear but encouraged everyone to go ahead and send all of your matches questions. Sending a question should not be considered aggressive. It is merely the initial step in the ‘get to know each other’ process. However, Dr. Warren does warn that the person receiving the questions may reject it and it may hurt. He wants you to focus on the prize, which is finding your life partner.

Who Pays in eHarmony?

There are two eharmony membership types – paid and free members. Previously, free members had extremely limited access to any communication tools. All free eharmony members could see were their matches. If they wanted to initiate communication, they would be directed to a paid membership. In the last few years, eharmony has allowed even free members to initiate communication with their matches. However, free members have never been able to see their matches pictures. Aside from that it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female, you will have to pay if you want to see pictures of your matches and initiate communication.

Who makes the first move?

There is no rule in terms of who makes the first move. In the offline world, some may still feel that men should make the first move. But in eharmony, anyone can initiate communication. As Dr. Warren said in the above article, one should not think too hard when making the first move. It shouldn’t be made to the equivalent of asking someone out. You will have to go through numerous steps and stages before you can actually go on a date.

Who has viewed me?

There is no way to tell who has viewed your profile. I recall a few years ago there were rumors that certain apps in Facebook will allow you to see who have looked at your profile. The app was tremendously popular as the condition to enable this feature you had to share and like the Facebook page. Well it turned out to be a hoax. Facebook publicly said that users will not have such access to see who has looked at your profile. The only social media site I know of which has such feature is Linkedin. Even so, you can see who has viewed you only if the user has enabled the feature. Of course Linkedin is not Facebook or eharmony. Although some people use Linkedin as eharmony. That is the topic for another time.


That was fun! Next, I will do a Q/A on ‘what’ questions!


Online Dating Trends for 2016

h2New year is around the corner as 2015 goes down in the record books. How was your relationship life in 2015? Were you successful in finding a potential mate in 2015 through acquaintance, by chance, or by online dating sites? Many of you will make new year resolutions for the upcoming year. If you are bummed you didn’t find that special someone, don’t worry. As the new year turns, it is a great opportunity to start fresh. Refresh your mind and approach in the things you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Get a new job? Fix relationships? Spend more time meditating? Become more in touch with your spiritual side? Note down these things and prioritize what is the most important to you. For many, finding that special someone is a priority. What are the online dating trends for 2016?

For one, the term ‘online dating’ is used less. The line between the virtual world (online) and in person has become so thin that it is almost irrelevant. Work places have become to embrace technology to communicate. Tools such as e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing, has made in person meetings less important. Some businesses operate completely online and deals struck solely online. Similarly, you meet people online or getting to know people better online is the norm. Gone are the assumption that meeting people online is awkward. No explanation is required. Exchanging Facebook contacts or kik usernames are more simple than exchanging phone numbers. People may no longer hide the fact that they meet or are on online dating sites or apps. People may simply bring up the point that they met on Tinder or on eHarmony.

Another online dating trend is the use of mobile phones or apps. Tinder has really caused a shake up on the online dating scene for its simplicity. It is extremely simply to use and increases your chance of being matched to show interest between both parties.

This is all great news for people looking to use technology to meet people. It increases your chance of meeting someone as more and more people try these sites and apps. On the other hand. One concerning trend in using technology are fraudulent impostors trying to take advantage of people. As usual, take precaution before meeting people or entrusting people with money or information to people you don’t know.

Hope your wish comes true!