Best tips on How to write an awesome online dating profile


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You’ve come this far in creating an online dating profile. Whether you are on an app like Coffee Meets Bagel or websites like eHarmony, you want to stand out. Below are three ways you can make yourself stand out to increase your matches and increase the compatibility.

  1. Give the best snapshots of yourself – Don’t go off on a ramble about yourself. Be concise. What do you want to showcase about yourself? What are you good at? Cooking the best rib roast in the world? Snowboarding like Shaun White? Invest sometime to think about your strengths and assets, also make use of good verbs and adjectives in your profile. I guarantee you that it will be the time well spent.
  2. Be honest – when you tell your story, you want to highlight your best, and you also want your profile to be attractive to others. Keep in mind though, whatever you write down has to be candid and represents your true self. You want your potential partner to see the real you, instead of someone you pretend to be. It is going to be beneficial for you and your date (or your potential spouse). I recall a person who hid the fact that they were divorced and had a child. Nothing good will come out of this lie especially if your match has no issues with it.
  3. Take some decent profile pictures (3 minimum). You don’t have to pay $300 for a professional portfolio picture. Yes, it can be selfies from your iPhone, or ask a friend to take some nice pictures of you. This is the best time to showcase yourself, so you want to make sure the picture represents you. Puts on your favorite outfit and your pleasant smile. Lighting is very important! Good lighting and great smile will make you look like million bucks. No blurry and lousy pictures. And please puts some recently taken pictures there, not old pictures from 10 years ago.

With some efforts and a touch of authenticity, you can create an amazing online dating profile that attracts to the one that you want. Don’t worry about it being perfect, you can always go back to revise and improve your profile. It is better to get it started than never.