Q: How can a woman tell if he is a guy with GREAT qualities?


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A: I have a few female readers who asked me: ‘I have been dating this guy for a while. He seems funny and smart. But how do you know if this guy is authentic and he is not just bluffing around?

This is a good question, but also a tricky one to address.

First, you can view it from a practical standpoint. There is this guy who is career driven, financially stable and with high education. Usually men in this category have advantages to women, as they are socially recognized as ‘successful men’.

Also, you can get a sense from his style of communication. What type of languages does he use? When he talks to other people, does he show manner and respect?  Pay attention to how he treats other women – whether it is his colleagues, his mother, sister, or the saleswomen in the mall. It will give you some hints how he will treat his future wife.

Lastly, you can try finding out his knowledge in different aspects of life.  Does he possess a wealth of knowledge in many areas? Women often find men attractive if he is smart and funny, as we are fascinated about the stories behind him. It also provides us a sense of security if he can provide answers in various situations.

One thing to watch out though – There are many men who are extremely successful in career, good-looking and they know a lot in politics, money, arts, etc. If a man does not show manner or respect to others, he is not a great guy in my opinion.

Look for someone who is hardworking, well mannered, and willing to show care to others.  Wish you luck!