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Here is my walk-through for the eHarmony registration process. My goal is to give you an idea of what to expect during registration and what you can get out of free registration. It also helps that this week its the free guided communication at eHarmony.

The registration begins on the eHarmony’s front page where you enter your basic information such as name, e-mail, your gender and the partner you are looking for. It’s worthy to note that if you are seeking a same-sex partner, you will be redirected to their same sex site,

Section 1 ‘General Information’ Part 1 of registration you provide basic information such as your age, income, height, ethnicity and more. There is instruction to answer as accurate and honest as possible. The right side will give you a status bar to indicate how far in the registration you are. At the bottom, most pages do not have the ‘back’ button. Only ‘save and quit’ or ‘save and continue’. So make sure you think the questions out before you click next as you cannot change your answers.

In many of the questions, there is a slider bar which indicates a heat check to see if that attribute is important to you. You can answer by ‘not important at all’, ‘somewhat’, to ‘very important’. I want to also note that when you enter your ethnicity, Asian is divided up to specific ethnicity such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian. I’m surprised as most websites would just classify this as ‘Asian’. You can also select which ethnicity you prefer and again a slider bar to stress how important it is to you.

Here is where things differ from other sites. You are asked how you feel about your appearance. It begins to lean towards probing your confidence level and your view of physical attraction towards your partner.

Section 2 “General Information” are questions regarding your beliefs starting with your religion. There is also a radio button to select specific denominations but I didn’t bother going that far into detail. There is also a designation for ‘spiritual but not religious’ and ‘neither spiritual or  religious’.

Section 3 ‘About You’. The questions seem random which describe circumstances. You may answer from 8 radio buttons based on ‘not at all’, ‘somewhat’, and ‘very much’.

Section 4 “Self Descriptions” which you are to measure yourself. This continues for 5 pages with 14 descriptions each.

After the 5 pages of self description, you are given a set of 32 descriptions which you are to choose only 4 as what best you believe your friends would describe you.

Section 5 “Personal Characteristics”. You continue to evaluate yourself but this time with statements that describes you. You also use the same 7 radio buttons.At this point you are 49% complete. I am 40 min. into the registration process but I would imagine it would take someone much more time to really think through the questions.You can’t help yourself think how the compatibility test will match you according to the questions you answer.You go through 3 pages of 16-18 questions.

Section 6 “About Your Feelings”.Now we are past 50% of registration.Yay! The next section is tough. You are given different emotions and you are to list how often you have felt the particular emotion in the past month.

Section 7: Relationship Orientation and Values. Finally a bit of a change in the rating. Now you are given a set of circumstances. You are to ‘completely disagree’, ‘neither disagree or agree’, or ‘completely agree’. Through these questions, you can really start to see how it will be used to find your matches. Think carefully how you answer! You go through one page of questions.

Section 8: Important Qualities. Section 8 you get to gauge the qualities of your partner that you deem important. You go through 2 pages of questions. At the end of section 8, there is a text box for you to describe three things you are most thankful for in 20 words or less. There is a disclaimer indicating that whatever you type will be displayed to your matches.

Section 9: About Your Personality. You are now given a series of questions about your personality where you are to answer true or false. You are given one page of 19 questions. You are now 77% through the registration process. I’m now roughly an hour into the registration.
Section 10: Your Personal Interests. You are not given the chance to answer what type of activities interests you.Their list of items pretty much covers most interests but at the bottom you are given a chance to list what you are most passionate about. This continues for 2 pages with 20 items each. At the end of the 2nd page, you are asked to answer the top 2 or 3 things which you like to do during your leisure time. There is a disclaimer which indicates that your answer will be displayed to your matches.
Section 11: Living Skills I find this different as well. You are now given the task to identify how skilled you are at everyday things. You are to answer between ‘not skilled’, ‘somewhat skilled’, and ‘very skilled’. The questions probe into a variety of your life including relational, occupational, situational. One page of 14-15 questions.
Section 12: Communication Style We’re almost there! 97% and we can see our matches! The questions here allows you to identify how you relate to other people and how accommodating you are. One page of eight questions.
Section 13: Matching Information. The final set of question is regarding smoking, drinking, and children. This is probably the most frequently asked question and an important issue for most people. The questions gets an idea of how acceptable you are regards to these issues and where you are with these as well. For smoking and drinking, you are given opportunity to list how often you engage in these activity. You then can answer how much you can accept your partner engage in these activities. Finally, you can answer how important this is using the slider.
The children section, you are asked how many children under 18 is currently living in your house. You are then asked if you would like to have children with your partner in the future. The first answer puts those who want to have children and adopt children in the same category. 2nd answer is you haven’t decided. 3rd answer is you don’t want any. Last question asks if you are willing to accept a partner who has children under 18 living with them.
You then reach links regarding terms and conditions and also privacy policy which you should spend time reviewing.The renewal policy is highlighted in red. Make sure you read that portion.
Section 13: Matching Information (cont’d) I seriously thought I was done and published my post! The questions continue! Next I am given the chance to put the city where I live, zip code, and how far am I willing to have a partner. This is particularly important as some people may enjoy having a long distance relationship. Also note that if you are more willing to have matches further away, it increases your pool. You are given the choice of 30,60, 120, 300 miles, specific states, same country, or anywhere in the world! You are also given a nifty map to see how far those distances really are.
You are finally given the option to upload a picture. Needless to say, your chances of being contacted will increase dramatically when you include a picture.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. I will post another article on the navigation on the actual website through free registration. I will talk about completing your profile as well. Are you ready? Click below to begin finding your love!

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