eHarmony Free Communication Feb Valentines Day 2012

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Update Jan 2013: See newest article on 2013 Valentines day FREE COMMUNICATION



Update Feb 11: Still no word from eHarmony if they will be having their Free Communication ‘Weekend’ event this Valentines day. I emailed my contact there a few days ago and still have not received any response. This is getting weird. Valentines day and Free Communication was almost automatic for eHarmony. Last year they went the whole 9 yards at an unprecedented 1 month of Free Communication event. Can it be that they are going the complete opposite? I would not count them out to start the promotion on Monday. If that happens, you will hear it right here! On the other hand,’s Free Communication event is going on right now. Check it out.


Many has asked “when is eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekend for Feb?” We are predicting that eHarmony will be offering it’s hugely popular Free Communication Weekend as we near Valentines day. eHarmony has been running this promotion for most 3 day weekends and it is a no brainer to offer Free Communication on the hottest month of the year for singles. Last year, eHarmony went for an unprecedented one full month of Free Communication in Feb. It doesn’t appear this will happen this year but keep an eye on the banner below. The banner will automatically change once the promotion is announced.

Sign up now so you can go through registration which may take up to 2 hours so you can review the site and your matches prior to the promotion event. Want to know more about Free Communication?

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