eHarmony Free Communication Walk Through

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(Disclosure, I may receive a small referral fee when you make a purchase through links on this post.)

Here is’s walk through of eHarmony’s free guided communication walk through. This will allow you to review eHarmony’s Free Guided Communication and decide for yourself the pros and cons.

First, log into your free membership. At the top, you will see a ‘My Matches’ tab highlighted by the red box. You can see that there are 7 new matches! (for me at least).

On the ‘My Matches’ page, you can review all the profiles you are matched with. As this is free communication week, you can see that we are at step 1 – ‘Get to know each other’ stage. I click on the orange button ‘Send her a message’ and can begin the guided communication.

Here there is a snapshot of the 4 steps to guided communication. At the top, there is an option to skip to the guided communication and go right to Email. It is also important to note that some people may not feel comfortable in receiving Emails and may reject you. They may also not be comfortable in receiving from free members as they may feel a disparity in the level of commitment.

In step one, you are given an option of several ice breaker questions. You can write the questions. You select which questions to ask and send them to your matches. Pretty neat if you ask me.

There you have it. I think this is a great opportunity to register eHarmony this week and see what this have in store for you. Click below to begin registration and you can review our registration walk through here.