Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Online Dating


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It wasn’t long ago when online dating was designated for desperate singles looking for a date. Times have changed. Similar to online shopping it has become a convenience and another channel to bring people together. Almost everyone knows one or more couples who met up through online dating sites. In a research by Lee Byron, roughly 3 million people go on first date each day worldwide! I wonder how many of those are from online dating? I put together the top 10 reasons why you should try online dating.

1) You get to decide who you want to start a conversation with – You no longer have to deal with friends introducing you to people whom you have never met before or know how they look. Through online dating, you can choose to initiate contact, respond or simply ignore requests. No more awkward, “I don’t think this will work out” text messages.

2) Enlarge your pool – Biggest difference in shopping online vs. shopping at a brick and mortar store is the selection. The same goes with online dating. Depending on which online date site, you can search amongst thousands of profiles expanding your reach.

3) Take the initiative – Initiate the change in your life! Admit it, you don’t want to die single or wait until you are on a walker to give in and try out online dating. Take the initiative to do something about it! Stop waiting.

4) Know the person before you meet – How many times have you read a self description / interest before meeting someone at a bar. Probably none. Online date sites typically will have information regarding the person’s vital interests. It could be their religion, if they want children, political views, interests, and much much more.

5) Search on your spare time – You don’t have to bother setting up appointments to meet your person. You can hop online to review profiles in whatever spare time you have. Review profiles during your lunch break, before you go to bed, or on the train.

6) Shortcut your preference to target dating sites – websites such as,,, focuses on a particular group. You can cut to the chase by joining these like-minded or type services.You can avoid awkward moments where you reveal to your date for the night that you were previously married or that you have kids, or that you need to be with a Jew. Some of these target sites our for specific audience.

7) You know they are looking – Admit it. More than once you meet someone who you thought was hot only to find out about their beautiful spouse. You don’t have to worry about that with online dating. They are all looking.

8) Your network of friends just don’t cut it – After a while the same group of friends is well.. the same group of friends. You know everyone within your niche and is pretty sure that it won’t work out.

9) Your profile is all yours – You are responsible in building your profile. You decide which picture to put up, put into words your descriptions the way you like it. The key is to be honest and I highly discourage you from being deceiving (*cough cough* weight / age)

10) Last but not least, a fresh start – Through online dating, you can start fresh. Did you just get off of a bad breakup? Move into a new town? Want to change of scenery? Online dating is the best route.

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