Happy “National Singles Week!”


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Yes, you heard it right. This week, third week of Sept, is the official National Singles Week according to US Census Bureau. Its origin is from the great stat of Ohio by the Buckeye Singles Council in the 1980’s to celebrate single life and their contributions to society. It is also known as “Unmarried and Single Americans Week”. Just when you thought you have escaped Valentines day (aka Single Awareness Day) you get hit with this. The census bureau also notes that roughly half of all Americans are single. That is a lot of singles! It may be a surprising number. Of course there are those who choose to remain single. This can be a due to several reasons such as the lack of desire to be committed to someone else. They might not have the desire to have children. Another reason may be due to their availability to be involved with a committed relationship. Research by Council on Contemporary Families states that single people are more likely to bond with relatives and other singles. Some researcher goes as far as stating that singleness is a serious form of prejudice as there are laws that benefit married couples but not those who are single. They are both very interesting reads.