Online Dating – It takes seconds to make a lasting impression

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CNN posted an article recently quoting Linda Blair, a clinical psychologists, that it takes only 7 seconds to judge someone when meeting for the first time. Now you have something else to worry about in addition to the 2 hours 59 min and 53 seconds left in the remainder of the date!

In preparing for the first date from a person you met online, focus on these things.

1) You both have the same goal of finding a partner. This should allow you to relax and not worry if they are not available. They ARE available! You can focus on getting to know each other.

2) Be yourself. There is no need to portray yourself as someone who you are not. It is best to be transparent and be who you are. You want them to be attracted to you and not who you want to become.

3) Tell yourself you will enjoy the evening. If you enter a date with a bad mood carrying unnecessary burden with you, chances are your date will notice. Remind yourself that no matter what you will enjoy your evening.

4) Dress and look your best. Don’t time the date where you just barely have enough time after work. Give yourself time to freshen up, get changed. Men should shower and should not have messy hair. Facial hair should be clean. Don’t over do it on the cologne, this isn’t an Old Spice commercial. Women should not over do the perfume / make up.

5) Remind yourself that if you do give a bad impression at first, the night is not ruined! Everyone is a bit stiff in the beginning of a first date. Go with the flow and as you both loosen up you will be able to be yourself more.