Finding a date is like searching for a job


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Finding a date is very similar to searching for a job. There are many similarities if you look carefully.

1) Don’t constantly talk about your previous job / ex’ or badmouth them

In any interview, you want to be careful about badmouthing your previous or current employer. It will certainly cause people to lose interest in you. No one wants to get hooked up to a whiner who bad mouths behind people’s back.

2) Don’t look desperate

You want to appear that you are desirable. Don’t expose yourself to make it appear you are desperate for anything. People don’t like that normally.

3) Dress up to impress

Opportunities may be around the corner. Make sure you are groomed when in front of someone and look your Sunday best.

4) Don’t take the first thing that comes along

Just because someone wants to hook up with you doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best mach. Evaluate what is best for you and what you want and you will avoid a headache later.

5) Be wary if its something your BFF wants

Ever get into a tough situation where you find out your best friend wanted the same gig? Watch out.

6) Be open and ask for feedback

Relationships and jobs are two way streets. It won’t hurt to ask for feedback on what they think about you.

7) Ask when is a good time to expect a call back

Don’t lose a great opportunity to ask when you expect to hear back from them. Or else you will be waiting and waiting and waiting.

8) Don’t be a stalker

Don’t lose patient and cyber stalk the person who you are waiting to hear from. There are plenty of ways to find someone via Facebook or Linkedin. Don’t.

9) Find out about them before the first face to face

It’s always good to do some homework so you may impress by demonstrating you did your homework.

10) Be careful to reveal your shortcomings

It’s a good thing to share some of your shortcomings but don’t go all out. This isn’t therapy.