Paradigm Shift – Online Dating?


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You watch the clock on Friday afternoon. An hour before you get off work and you look at your day planner for the weekend. Nothing. You should have expected this weeks back when you started to notice the invites began to dwindle. Most of your friends are already hitched and just weren’t interested in having you over as their 3rd wheel. You on the other hand loath every time you see their Facebook updates of their escape trips.

This isn’t what you imagined.

Here you are, at the top of your career- educated and intelligent. Beautiful. Your friends joked that it would be hard to meet people after college. Today, it sounds more like a prediction that sadly found itself. It was then when you found out from so-and-so that your friend got engaged.

“What?! Impossible!”, you thought. How can that person get hitched before you!

Word began spreading that they met through an online dating website. You almost had a heart attack. You thought online dating websites were for losers, the un-date-ables, the ones who need a full makeover.

It was a bit after your friend’s wedding that you realized how happy they really were. What if they didn’t go online? Would they have met? No one really talked about how they met but how happy they were. It wasn’t that long ago when people would frown upon shopping online. Could this be the same? It might be. . it just might be.