2013 eHarmony Registration Question Walk Through Part 1

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In the past, we have done an eHarmony registration questionairre walk through which was extremely popular. What did we conclude from that? We realized that a lot of people wanted to get a preview of the questions before actually starting to sign up which makes sense. No one wants to go through an extremely long questionnaire only to find out they decide not to finish it. Since we have last done a registration walk through, many changes has happened at eHarmony.

In this post, we have an updated registration walk through giving you the opportunity to review the questions before you sign up!

eHarmony has made it extremely simple to sign on. You only need to enter 3 details, your name, if you are a male seeking female or female seeking male (same sex partners can go to www.compatiblepartners.com), zip code, and country.

eharmony registration 1-001

Next, you enter a valid email address, password for eHarmony and volunteer some marketing information for them on how did you hear about eHarmony. Interestingly, the button shows, “Find my matches.”

eharmony registration 2-001

I didn’t expect to really start seeing matches just based on my name, partner preference, zip code, and country and I was not disappointed. I am given a message to indicate that I will have to do some basics. Interestingly, there is no mention of a questionnaire or survey.

eharmony registration 6-001


Now we start with basic questions such as my sex, birthday, city, marital status. Just a note here, if you select ‘separated’, you may not be allowed to register.

eharmony registration 8-001

You are then asked about how many children you have. Then another marketing question asking if you know of anyone who found a partner on eHarmony and if you have ever used an online dating site yourself. As I have posted on my about page, I know two couples who met online and are now happily married with children.

eharmony registration 9-001

Now you get the first indication that a questionnaire is going to start! Buckle your seat belt and grab a cup of joe!

eharmony registration 10-001

Next is a series of one word descriptions and you are to indicate between ‘Not at all’ to ‘Somewhat’ to ‘Very Well’ rating yourself.


The words are




Quarrelsome (not sure who will admit that!)

Stable (at this point, you start to think if you should be honest or answer how you want to be portrayed as…)






After I answered the same for 3 straight, I get an annoying pop up window asking me if I am sure and telling me to slow down. What nerve!


Loyal (what am I.. a dog?)




Sensual (uh..sexually sensual? not sure how to rate myself that..)


At this point you reach a break. Doesn’t say what kind of break or what to expect except to continue answer meaningfully.

Now we continue with more words to describe yourself:

Content (if I answer very well, wouldn’t it mean I am lying because I am at the sign up page for eHarmony? – #rollseyes)

Patient (I’m sure you will need lots of this on any online dating site.)




Vivacious (had to google that..)


Bossy (like to see people put ‘very well’ here)


Irritable (here also..)




Opinionated (had to think to differentiate this with ‘outspoken’

Restless (can’t see how this is good…)


Selfish (this either..)


Now is a change. If your best friends had to pick four words to describe you, which four fro this list would they pick?

At this point, I am 35% done and roughly 20 min in.

eharmony registration 11-001


These questions pertain to my spin or ‘view’ on life. Similarly, I am to rate myself between ‘Not at all’, “Somewhat”, to “Very Well”.

I do things according to a plan

I take time out for others

I feel unable to deal with things (kind a discreet…)

I love to help others

I seek adventure

I often leave a mess in my room

I often carry the conversation to a higher level

I get stressed out easily

I often make others feel good

I am good at analyzing problems

I usually stand up for myself (not very clear.. selfish question or irrelavent to put others?)

I am easily discouraged

I an handle a lot of information

I waste my time (referring to this survey? jk!)

I catch on quickly

I usually wait for others to lead the way

I love order and regularity

I often do nice things for people

I get angry easily

My personal religious beliefs are important

I desire sexual activity

I ask questions in search of information (hard to gauge this…)

I think it is important to continually try to improve myself (sounds like work)

I care about the physical shape I’m in

I feel better when I am around other people (really depends on who)

eharmony registration 12-001


Now I am 50% done. Phew! I am about 45 min into the registration. Now on to feelings based questions:

How often in the past month have you felt…?

Rate yourself from ‘Rarely’, ‘Occasionally’, and ‘Almost Always’






Fearful about future




Out of Control



Unable to cope



Plotted against (not sure how this is relevant)

Now I am 55% done. Next, I will be answering questions on what I am good at and what I like to do.

eharmony registration 13-001

Things that I am good at and what I like to do.

Rate yourself from ‘Not skilled’, ‘Somewhat skilled’, and ‘Very Skilled’

Creating romance in a relationship

Keeping physically fit

Finding and taking on challenging activities

What is your interest in….?

Rate yourself from ‘None’, ‘Some Interest’, and ‘Very Strong Interest’

Watching movies

Listening to music

Watching TV



Dining out




Talking with Friends

Religious Community

Conversation (not exactly sure how to differentiate this with 2 above)

Religious Faith (ditto on this one..)

Hosting / Entertaining

Church involvement

eharmony registration 14-001

We are now 65% done. The following questions will gauge what is important to you in a relationship.

What describe you you in a relationship?

Rate yourself from ‘Not at all’, ‘Somewhat’, and ‘Very well’

I try to accommodate the other person’s position

I try to understand the other person

I try to be respectful of all opinions different from my own

I try to resolve conflict well

Rate yourself from ‘Absolutely disagree’, ‘Neither agree or disagree’, and ‘Absolutely agree’

I am looking for a long-term relationship that will ultimately lead to marriage

When I get romantically involved, I tell my partner just about everything

It is difficult for me to let people get emotionally close to me

A “serious” relationship needs to be exclusive (i.e., monogamous)

I know I can always count on the people who are closest to me

I don’t need to have close relationships to be happy

Being monogamous helps build intimacy and trust in a romantic relationship

People often let you down if you depend on them

It’s important to me to have close friends in my life

Being exclusive (i.e., monogamous) is one of benefits of being in a successful relationship

I sometimes find it difficult to trust people I get romantically involved with

I find it easy to get emotionally close to people

How important in a relationship is …

Rate yourself from ‘Not at all important’, ‘Somewhat important’, and ‘Very important’

My partner’s dependability

My partner’s sex appeal

My partner’s physical appearance

Enjoying the way I feel around my partner

Our sexual compatibility

The friendship between me and my partner

Enjoying physical closeness with my partner

Being able to spend as much time as possible with my partner

Doing special things to let my partner know how important he/she is to me

Knowing that my partner is usually to blame when things go wrong

eharmony registration 15-001

It looks like the questions determining my character, personality, interests is done and I now move to building my profile.

same question for



Overweight (I know how to answer this but don’t know if I should…)

Plain (not sure how to answer this)


Sexy (purrr)