How To Fill Awkward Silence?


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We all have those friends who seem to be able to light up a crowd despite who is in the room. It’s the person who everyone goes to when they arrive at a party. Chances are, you are not one of them and you have been in situations where you encounter awkward silence. That moment where your nervousness gets the better of you, both of your eyes begin wandering off and your date is waiting for you to break it.

Here are some ways to fill awkward silence.

1) Begin coughing – start coughing frantically to get the attention of your date.

2) Forget coughing, start choking – over stuff bread or crackers and begin choking. Make sure you relieve yourself before someone begins the Heimlich maneuver on you!

3) Tell a funny story – share something funny that happened. Make sure it is funny though.

4) Say a praise – comment how well your date is dressed even if you have to lie. Comment on how great the color is, it could be their hair. ANYTHING!

5) Leave – just give up and end the date. Why put both of you through further torment if there is no chemistry. Pay the bill and head home.