Online Dating – Wedding Season


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Wedding season is in full swing and what most single people think is that they absolutely dread weddings. What worse is it to be reminded that you are single and perhaps lonely as well. On top of that, you will see people you have not met in a long time who will likely ask you about your marital status. First, be reminded that the wedding is not for you. It is for a friend or family whom you have a relationship with and they want to celebrate a special moment with you. So that should be the main focus. If is it not someone who you are close with and you received an invite as a courtesy, I would pass. With that said, not all is lost by attending a wedding if you have the right attitude.

Weddings is an excellent way to meet people. Even though you may not find someone immediately, you may reconnect with an old pal, relative who may hook you up with someone within their circle of friends. Some of the closest friends I have now I met when I was a bridesmaid and they were in the wedding party also. Nothing forces you to get to know someone in a short amount of time than to spend an entire day helping our your dear friends get married! This is the same whether you are single or in a relationship at a wedding.

When you are at a wedding, people are generally extremely friendly and very open to meeting people. Best of all, you will find people within the same social economic status due to the closeness of the wedding couple. If you do attend a wedding with no date, be bold and chat with people all around. Throughout the party, there will be opportunities such as after the wedding ceremony, the reception, and during the banquet. Be a social butterfly and pounce around tables where you know someone and meet guests at their table. Watch out for those who have rings on them though. You don’t want to appear you are hitting on someone else’s dessert :)