2013 eHarmony Registration Question Walk Through Part 2

{continued from part 1}

My previous post got too long for my SQL database to handle so I had to split the last portion of the post eharmony registration walk through here. This post will finish off what you look for in a match and part of the navigation when you do get matches.


This is new. Not only can you select how far of a distance but you can specify the exact location of your match from U.S states, in your country, anywhere in the world, and specific country. If you select specific states or country, you can type those in.

I suppose here is where the official questionnaire ends.

eharmony registration 17-001

Here you are given a chance to upload your picture of Import your cover photo from Facebook. Research shows that profiles with a real picture has a much higher probability of being viewed, read, and messages received. Go for it!

You are displayed a graphic detailing what they do with your information. You are given 8 matches right away and they will give you new matches daily. You will not be able to search, filter or look for other profiles outside what you are given.

Surprisingly, you are immediately directed to the pay page. Previously, you were directed to your matches and once you make an attempt to view their picture or send a mail, you are directed to the pay page. You can look at our 2013 eHarmony promotional code to give you a discount to the subscription.

In order for you to go to your matches, click the eHarmony logo at the top of the screen. There will be no link that says, “I’ll do this later”.

Once you get your matches, you will not see any pictures. This is a staple of eHarmony. You can click into any profile and read through how they answered.

There you have it! Don’t be afraid to try it out yourself! It did take a total of just over 2 hours but it was well worth it!




2013 eHarmony Registration Question Walk Through Part 1

In the past, we have done an eHarmony registration questionairre walk through which was extremely popular. What did we conclude from that? We realized that a lot of people wanted to get a preview of the questions before actually starting to sign up which makes sense. No one wants to go through an extremely long questionnaire only to find out they decide not to finish it. Since we have last done a registration walk through, many changes has happened at eHarmony.

In this post, we have an updated registration walk through giving you the opportunity to review the questions before you sign up!

eHarmony has made it extremely simple to sign on. You only need to enter 3 details, your name, if you are a male seeking female or female seeking male (same sex partners can go to www.compatiblepartners.com), zip code, and country.

eharmony registration 1-001

Next, you enter a valid email address, password for eHarmony and volunteer some marketing information for them on how did you hear about eHarmony. Interestingly, the button shows, “Find my matches.”

eharmony registration 2-001

I didn’t expect to really start seeing matches just based on my name, partner preference, zip code, and country and I was not disappointed. I am given a message to indicate that I will have to do some basics. Interestingly, there is no mention of a questionnaire or survey.

eharmony registration 6-001


Now we start with basic questions such as my sex, birthday, city, marital status. Just a note here, if you select ‘separated’, you may not be allowed to register.

eharmony registration 8-001

You are then asked about how many children you have. Then another marketing question asking if you know of anyone who found a partner on eHarmony and if you have ever used an online dating site yourself. As I have posted on my about page, I know two couples who met online and are now happily married with children.

eharmony registration 9-001

Now you get the first indication that a questionnaire is going to start! Buckle your seat belt and grab a cup of joe!

eharmony registration 10-001

Next is a series of one word descriptions and you are to indicate between ‘Not at all’ to ‘Somewhat’ to ‘Very Well’ rating yourself.