Online Dating – Stop Missing Your Ex Boyfriend Girlfriend


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It is hard to forget about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Admit it. You often compare people and see if they are up to par with who you had in the past. You browse endlessly on dating sites to see if you can find someone comparable. You also can’t stop snooping or cyber stalking your ex to get a hint on how they are doing and how you match up to their new relationship.

None of this is healthy and it prevents you from truly moving on to your next relationship. There are several ways that can help you overcome this. First, understand that break ups take time. Do not look for a new relationship to cover your old pain. This is not fair for you or the other person and you are simply wasting your time and energy. Second, go through your feelings and emotions and understand why you are feeling what you feel. Don’t doubt yourself and approach it with a positive attitude that you can overcome this. Next, find the good out of what you just went through. See the silver lining and learn from your mistake, cherish the memories, and move on. Be a bigger, better person because of what you learned. Next, take away physical reminders of your past relationship. Don’t carry pictures, memorabilia, or anything that would remind you of your text. This includes any digital footprint such as text messages. Next, keep yourself busy. Do something positive such as volunteering or visiting family. The more you sit around with spare time, the more your mind will wander around your past.

There you go! Hope you can get over this and move on to your next stage of your life!