The Great and “Not So Great” Date Ideas at

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Ever since I discovered, the concept really intrigued me. What was more intriguing are the date ideas posted there. Many of you may be wondering what are some date ideas that are popular and what are some date ideas that are just err.. how to put it? BO-RING! Let’s start with some that do not make the cut.

The “Not So Great” date ideas….

I might be a bit critical here but this is what will be displayed before you actually enter a date idea. Never leave it blank after you create your account!

Bland and boring. Shows nothing about yourself except you may possibly like the outdoors?

Um.. sure?

Misunderstanding the whole concept. This is not a place for you to describe yourself but to post date ideas!

Calm down and slow it down a bit. I’m not sure how serious this person is but a bit ambitious.


Here are some great date ideas!

This date is not only creative but is genuinely fun.


Another creative idea and shows the date proposer their own personality as well.

This date shows that it doesn’t take much for them to be entertained. How fun could this be?

Shows that this person loves to just shoot the breeze. Perhaps a bit poetic.