Online Dating – The first phone call


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In any relationship you develop the first major milestone is go make or receive the first phone call. For a lot of people, this is the time when you feel you stepped from virtual dating to ‘real’ dating. You finally put a voice to the face. The full description of your potential partner is slowly but surely coming to fruition.

Before you can make the phone call, you need to first obtain the phone number. You may be at a disadvantage in succeeding in this as many online dating prospects may have a guard against this. First, you should never rush to ask for their phone number or rush to give yours. Get to know each other a bit and you will sense flags where they are ready for a phone call. Once you get a hint that they are interest in talking on the phone, you can get ready for the next step.

Some things you can do to ensure a smooth first phone call.

1) Setting up an ideal time

Make sure you set up a time where both of you are free from distractions. Do not set yourself up where you may be late due to traffic or immediately after work. If you have roommates or relatives that live with you, try to find a time where you know you will not be disturbed. Avoid typical meal times.

2) Choose an ideal place

Make sure you find a place where you can be left alone. Don’t assume you can take a break and get on the phone if you already have plans to go out that evening. It is not only rude but it will certainly give a bad impression if you have to talk over other background noise.

3) Have a cheat sheet

There is nothing wrong with having crib notes, I mean a cheat sheet. It’s your first time talking to your potential target, have a list of things you can share or talk about. It could be something your interest has mentioned but you want to ask more about it. This is a great time to show off how you have paid attention to the previous communication.

4) End it on a good note

Just because it is a phone call, don’t discount the potential this have. After this phone call you don’t want to both be left hanging what to do next. Get a feel of their interest and see if you can have another phone call or perhaps meet up for a date. If you don’t sense a vibe, don’t worry. It does take some time to digest all that has happened. It’s a milestone not only for you but your interest. Seize the moment. If it doesn’t work out, that is ok too. you would much rather want to find out now than later.