Online Dating – It is a Marathon, Not A Sprint


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It is important to pace yourself when entering in any relationship especially if it is an online relationship. We always hear the cliche “Life is a marathon, not a sprint”. This cliche is used in investing circles as well.

This may be particularly difficult especially if you have been wanting to be in a relationship for some time now and you finally meet that special someone who you think that he / she is “the one”. Your head may be telling you to go slow but your hormones and emotions are all jazzed up and wanting to go all the way.

Why? If the relationship moves too fast when it is not ready for it, you may ruin it. You may not have established the foundation to support the intimacy you are rushing into and where you are comfortable with. This can derail a relationship. Bottom line, it takes time to know a person and to understand if you are both compatible.

What are some things you can do to take a relationship slowly.

1) Commit to going slow before you meet

Before you meet the date, commit to yourself that you will take it slow and easy. It is much easier to keep a promise to yourself independent of your date before meeting them in person. By then, another whole variant comes into the equation.

2) Keep the big picture perspective

Don’t fall for the visuals such as the looks, job, income, etc. Focus on the character of the individual. Finding out their principle takes a long time and things like someone’s character is not easily faked. It also takes more time to understand someone’s inner thoughts and allows you to take the relationship slow.

3) Remind yourself of past relationships

Oftentimes we want to forget about past hurts but what good is it if you end up repeating it? That is the importance of history. Use past experience to your advantage and learn from it. Understand you don’t want to go through the same thing over again. And when you feel comfortable, share it with your new relationship.

4) Refrain from sharing your future with your date

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start sharing how you want to do things that are usually reserved for more committed couples such as traveling or meeting parents. Keep those thoughts in your mind or else it will accelerate your date’s expectations unfairly.

5) The 3 dreaded words

Don’t jump the gun and say “I love you” just yet. There is a reason why so many sit coms do shows based on these 3 words. Hold it.