Signs your date is addicted to Facebook


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People either love or hate Facebook. Facebook allows people to connect to each other and remain updated on their lives which comes in the form of status updates, wall posts, photos, and sharing of things they find on the web. We also get a steady stream of things they find on the Internet which interests us. People who dislike Facebook feels it invades their privacy and frankly is not interested in seeing the dumb memes that gets shared or points they achieved. As it is easier to remain connected with DSL, Cable, and now our mobile phones, there is a significant increase to IAD – Internet Addiction Disorder. How sad would it be for people to prefer staying home in front of their computer interacting with their Facebook friends rather than leaving the house to hang out at a restaurant or go hiking? This is reality.

Looking for a boyfriend / girlfriend through dating sites is difficult enough. The last thing you want is to begin a relationship with someone who has IAD. I have put together some signs that your date is addicted to Facebook.

1) Their phone constantly makes alerts whenever there is an update on Facebook
2) Their phone is on the table and they constantly check to read their update
3) The topic of discussion constantly steers back to what they read on Facebook
4) They don’t require a password to log onto Facebook
5) Share very sensitive updates to solicit responses
6) They like their own status updates
7) Status updates are starting to read like a diary
8) You see pictures of their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack
9) They start posting pictures of their drinks
10) They always talk about being less on FB