How to approach guys without looking desperate


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guysWe’ve all been there before. We run into a guy who is so hot that you can’t stop keeping thinking about smacking his tush and he smacking yours. You what I’m talking about ladies. Amongst my friends, the topic of how to approach guys without looking desperate always come up. To some people, this may seem un-lady like for those who can, they prefer to be approached by the guy. Unfortunately, the tide has been shifting for quite some time where it is generally accepted and sometimes expected for ladies to share some responsibility to approach men. I’m mixed about that but I do think it is ok for women to take more of an initiative than to be a dead weight.

So what are some things that we can do to approach guys we are interested in? Here are some tips for you!

1) Smile

Many of us are so shy that when a guy looks right as us you immediately look another direction. Stop doing that! I mean some guys are gross but they are not monsters! Well, that’s if they aren’t the stalker type. I digress. If you meet eyes with the guy you are interested in, don’t turn away. Stop, pause and smile. If you can, do the ‘look away while smiling‘ trick. Works wonders.

2) Compliment

Find something to compliment. What they are wearing. Hairstyle. Anything that would start a conversation.

3) Find something to apologize

This works great if you don’t know the guy or in a bar setting. Just find something to apologize or do something where you need to apologize. You can get in his way, back into him, or step on his shoes. If he gets pissed off, then you know right away that he is a jackass. Kill two birds with one stone ;)

4) Stir up a conversation with his friends

Afraid to talk to your crush? Talk to his friends. Find out about his friends to get an idea of the people he surrounds him with. Ask about your crush. Chances are, the wing-men will leak your interest to your crush and something may happen.

5) Touch him subtly

Walk by him in a crowded area and slightly place your hand on his arm or shoulder if he is sitting. Alternatively, during a conversation, you can place your hand gently on his arm if he says something funny. That will surely get his attention.

Remember, if you want something you never had you gotta do things you’ve never done.