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I’ve recently came across a new online dating site Ourtime.com. I cam across it while watching a commercial on TV one evening so I thought I check it out and provide a review and our registration walk-through. Registration is a breeze. This is unlike sites such as Chemistry.com or eHarmony.com where it may take up to an hour to go through the registration process answering details about your personality, interests, dislikes, and so forth. The intention of Ourtime.com are for people who are more mature but it will not discriminate if you are are a cougar looking for younger fun.







Upon browsing to Ourtime.com, you come across a familiar filter almost found in any online dating site. You enter your sex and the age sex you are seeking and of course the zip code.


After clicking search, you are directed to a teaser page where you can see profile pictures but in order to join, you must create a username / password, along with your e-mail birthdate, and location to proceed. Oh, and you need to agree to the terms and conditions.


  Just when you thought you can start reviewing profiles, more questions. Very basic and you can get through these really quick.


 I think you get the drill. You are solicited to enter more details about yourself. This only benefits yourself. The more details you enter, the more hits your profile gets.



Finally, they will make a hail mary attempt for you to upload your picture. This is of course up to you and the fact is true. You will get much more exposure if you have a good picture of yourself.


Once you are in, the search is very quick and you can see pictures. Once you click on the profile of someone who you are interested in and you click ‘send message’, you will be asked to enroll in a paid plan.