How to best reach eHarmony customer service – update


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eHarmony is an established online dating company. They are one of the first and have a reputation to be almost synonymous to the term ‘online dating’ itself. With that said, bottom line it is a business. They are in the business of connecting people together but they also have investors they need to answer to and a business to run. eHarmony has a not well known policy where you can cancel any subscription 3 days since enrollment. This is a firm deadline and there is no grace period beyond this. Also, if you want to call to cancel your subscription, you must cancel before auto renewal kicks in. If the auto renewal went through, there is no way to reverse it. Make sure you keep on your calendar to call in to cancel the day before the auto renewal.

Phone number for eHarmony:

1 (844) 527-7421 (need to sign on)

You may cancel your registration or subscription, or turn off your auto renewal feature without refund by taking these steps:

Log into your eHarmony account
From your home page/Dashboard, select “Settings,” then “Account Settings”
From the “Billing” Tile, click the “Cancel My Subscription” or “Close Account” link
Provide the information requested

Here is a phone map courtesy of

eharmony customer service