Is there life on Online Dating Sites after graduating?


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Online dating sites want couples to stick around

Many people would find it odd to be visiting an online dating site if you found a partner and are unavailable. After all, isn’t the sole purpose of dating site to help you find a partner?

It is a dilemma that all online dating sites face. Their ultimate goal should be to increase the number of couples through the website. The problem? It would mean losing 2 subscribers for each successful couple. Zoosk is looking to change that. Integrating themselves with social media, it is striving to change that mindset. They are working hard to implement info and helpful tips for couples.

In the article, it describes that Zoosk will offer features such as relationship advice, gift ideas, digital scrapbooks, discounts to restaurants. Their advantage is that they can all integrate the features of Facebook to push their services.

Very very smart IMO. eHarmony also announced that they plan on launching a Facebook application called, “Story of Us” that will allow couples to merge their Facebook Timelines.

Lets see how other more old school online dating sites will compete.