Online Dating Profile – How to spot fake picture


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Here at, we strive to do what we can to help our readers succeed in finding their life partners whether it is online or offline. Unfortunately, there are people who would capitalize and take advantage the anonymity of online dating to trick and deceive people. We posted an article once about scammers posting as members of the military to solicit money. We also understand how difficult it is for some of our readers to take the courage to try out online dating. The last thing you should be worried about is if the person you are communicating with is real or fake. Fake profiles give the online dating industry a very bad reputation. Paid sites usually have smaller number of fake profiles compared with free sites.

One way to fight back at fake profiles is a free tool by Google called Google Images. The front page looks like the Google search page but you will soon realize it is not. Click on the camera icon and you will see two options.


You can paste the link to the profile image. If it is hosted on a server with public access, you can obtain the link to the picture by right clicking on the image per below. Otherwise, you can download the image then upload it to Google’s image search. Click search and it will see where else the picture is used. My friend recently began talking to this girl. To his surprise and disappointment, he discovered that the picture was ‘stolen’ from a Facebook account. As always exercise caution! Any other tips, let us know!