Beware of Online Dating Scams!

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There has been an increase of scammers targeting women on online dating sites. The scammers create profiles on Facebook and online dating sites and portray themselves as member of the U.S. military. After they befriend you, they begin asking for money to be wired citing the need to ship boxes back from the Middle East. Here is the Facebook page dedicated to raise awareness. We here at want to raise this issue and for the community to be aware. You should NEVER be asked to send over money from anyone you meet online no matter what.

Link to Facebook Page

3 thoughts on “Beware of Online Dating Scams!

  1. somebody connected to my friend and immediately he was proposing love and devotion to her.he ask for my friend to make a request for him so he can visit here.but the problem was he was caught unaware.he send rose and chocolates to my friend on valentines day.i know it was just to make my friend believed he is for real.but he asks money from my friend.immediately i told my friend he is a scammer.he came from facebook.

    take note:His given name was:Lt.Colonel charles jordan and he is in the UN Peacekeeping force in Darfur Sudan.but i have a real military guy im chatting you.who told me that there is no way for hey you scammers!!pls stop fooling online and you are all known already.Work for your needs and earn a decent source of your money.dont ask money from people that doesnt know your are all a shame to the humanity!!

  2. to the facebook people:pls be aware of the scammers.dont just believe right away if someone contacted you to be their GF or when they began to court for their email address and the IP adrress.donmt send them money they are asking.they are criminals online posing as good people.they have victimized lots here so they should be arrested and put to trial.Shame on them!!

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