Registration Walk Through Part 2


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Here is part 2 to my registration walk through.


5th part to the registration is’s patented Duet® Analysis. The text speaks for itself. It utilizes your answers to match you according to your personality and your risk level in a relationship. There are 8 sub-sections in the Duet Analysis. First is Romantic Impulsivity, Personal Energy, Outlook, Predictability, Flexibility, Decision Making Style, Emotionality, and Self-Nurturing.

-Personal Energy analyzes what energizes you and what type of event drains you personally.

-Outlook gauges your optimism and your view on success / failures.

-Predictability reviews how comfortable you are going out of staying within your comfort zone.

-Flexibility evaluates how much you are accommodating to people around you. How firm are your everyday routines?

Decision Making style – takes a look at how you make decisions and share decision powers.

Emotionality -determines your EQ (emotional quotient), stability, mental health under distress. Also evaluates if you will ever consider physical retaliation in certain situations.

Self-Nurturing -measures the way you nurture your emotional needs.

Once you complete this portion, you now get a sense that you are about to complete the registration. You are given an opportunity to upload your picture (free and increases your chances of being contacted!).

You are then offered to sign up for a subscription with a discount of $99.99 for 3 months.Funny thing is there doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to go see your matches. You click ‘continue’ which leads you to a form to fill our your details. The secret is to click on the logo on the upper left and it will lead you to your matches.

One you are in. You immediately see your matches and are able to review the pictures of your matches unlike eHarmony.

If you click ‘View Duet Summary’, you can evaluate the duet compatibility with your matches. The matched interest at the bottom will be highlighted.

At the top, you have three options to indicate you are interested, you are not interested and review the next match. If you click ‘yes’ you are interested, you can move onto the next steps with 4 options as follows. If you select ‘send e-mail’, you will be prompted to subscribe.

After you are done reviewing your matches, you also have an option to search profiles. This is a great bonus and something you cannot do at can do several type of searches; quick search, Duet® Compatibility search, Custom search, Keyword search, and On Demand search.

Dating on demand is a very unique feature where you can play professionally filmed and edited videos of people introducing themselves. It says that this feature is in it’s Beta stage and official launch date is Jan 31, 2011.


The registration for took about one hour. The questions were relatively straightforward and didn’t require too much thinking. The part where I had to click the logo to enter the free membership portion was sketchy but it only took me about a min to figure that out.

The navigation of the website if very simple. There are some ads here and there which isn’t overpowering. Great highlight is that you can review your matches pictures and you can basically have somewhat of a communication similar to eHarmony’s guided communication year round. I hope this will give you an idea of what you can expect from free membership for If you have never signed up for online dating, I think is a good way to evaluate what dating sites can do you for.’s free membership definitely gives you the most mileage. If you feel inclined to give it a try, click on the link below to start.