Online Dating Registration Walk Through Part 1


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Here is my registration walk through. This is my follow up to a very popular post about registration walk-through which you can check out here. My goal is to provide you with the following – the type of questions you will encounter while registering for an account at, how long registration will take, what can you expect when you are completed with registration. This will give you an idea of what to expect so you will be able to set your expectations accordingly.


You start registration with the basic information about yourself. It helps that they provide a pie chart of what you will go through. After Essentials, you will answer questions on Values & Ideals, Deal Breakers, Life & Love Style, and then you will receive your own patented Duet® analysis for free! Essential section continues with the basic info about your relationship status, what you are seeking for in a relationship, occupation, income, and physical features.

Values and Ideals
I now get into the juicy part which will directly contribute to their patented Duet® process. The Duet® process is said to “create deep, intimate and long-term relationships). There is a series of true and false questions which digs deep into your core values.

Words my friends and family use to describe me (Select three to five)

On the same page, you are given a list of descriptions and you are asked to select 3 – 5 words that your friends and family would describe you.

Which things about me would a person have to like, or at least tolerate, in order
to be a good match? (Optional, select up to three)

Here is an optional list of description which you can select about yourself that your match needs to tolerate. I think the list isn’t long enough.

Values & Ideals continued…

You are then asked to answer more questions about yourself. You are specifically asked about your political view which is very unusual. Just shows you how much politics goes into play in relationships.Immediately after that, you are prompted to enter your education level and even which school you attended.

After the education background, you select from radio buttons and drop down menu regarding your religious beliefs and your devotion level. You finish off this section about how environmental friendly are you. I guess this can make or break a relationship.


2 sections down and 2 more to go! I thought I answered some survey questions which may be potentially dealbreakers, here is a section devoted to issues which may be dealbreakers. Immediately, you are able to list qualities which you know you will cannot tolerate. I like straightball questions!

Following this, you can select which ethnicity you will only consider and how far in terms of distance you are willing to engage in a relationship.

Life and Lovestyle

Next part I am glad they are laying it out. People do not ‘fall in love’. That only works in the movies where they meet one min and taking off their clothes and happily living after by the end of the movie. You are given a series of true or false questions

After the T & F questions, you are asked if you have children or willing to accept a partner who has children under 18 and also if you are planning to have children. You also answer questions about your drinking / smoking habits and how tolerant you are.

Then it is followed by rather random questions about lifestyle, hobbies, and interests.

This is part 1 of the series! Come back for part 2 on the Duet® Analysis! Or, if you think you are ready and want to try it out yourself, click the link below!

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