Online Dating – What to do when you are single on the weekends


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The weekend is here! After a grueling work week the day you look forward to the most is Saturday. You look on your phone and its a big white space across Saturday and Sunday showing “No Appointments”. Most of the people you know are spending time with their significant other and the last thing you want to do is being the 3rd wheel. You tell yourself to call the other single men and women but you have to admit that its getting a bit boring. The conversation always steer clear of the elephant in the room – single life. It is true when they say that you become the people who you hang out with and the last thing you want is to become complacent and be stuck in this situation. We have a compiled an ultimate list of things to do when you are single on the weekends that can motivate you and drive you to becoming an even better person.

1) Work Out – Nothing is more uplifting than heading to the gym or taking a stroll on your bike. Anyone can work out no matter what shape you are in. This is the best part. There should be absolutely no excuse to not work out. There is always something for everyone. Whether it is following a work out DVD at home or heading over to the gym, there is always something to do. Working out makes you feel better about yourself, increases your self confidence, and makes you look better and even takes years off your face! You don’t need to have a partner so it is something you can do yourself.

2) Meditate – With the hustle and bustle of everyday life and seemingly everyone in the world within a button’s reach on your phone. We have become accustomed to filling our minds with noise. I know some people can’t stand absolute silence. Unless you are that type of person, do the opposite. Turn off your phone, tv, radio, and sit to meditate. Go to somewhere serene such as the beach, mountains, or even the park. Reflect upon what you have done and your accomplishments.

3) Volunteer – There are always opportunities to volunteer whether it is at your local food bank, church, or city. Search for events where you can volunteer. Don’t make a bit hoopla about it announcing it on Facebook. Just go on your own and do good will for others by giving back to the community. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet other people who are willing to give up their time for others.

4) Visit Family – There is always time to enrich the relationships with your family. Family will always be there during tough time and joyful times. Go and visit a relative you haven’t seen in a while. Go hear stories of your past and enjoy the company. Great for your soul!

5) Pamper Yourself – Do something you enjoy such as indulging in day spa to enjoy a massage. Buy that something you have been eying for a long time (within responsible limit of course ;)) or eat that food you have been craving for so long.