How to ask a girl out?


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Asking someone out on a date can be an extremely stressful event. With much planning and strategy, this process can be simplified maximizing your chances. Here are a few tips on how to ask a girl out on a date.

First, before you can ask a girl out, you need to have a target. Going back a bit further, you need to know what type of people are you a match with and not just any warm body.

The likely places you will find someone attractive is place that you frequent. In this digital age, this can be a virtual location such as Facebook! It won’t be surprising for you to find someone attractive on your friend’s Friend list.

Once you identify someone whom you want to get to know, next step is to get contact. This can mean obtain a name or get to know that person a bit better. You don’t want to be creepy and start stalking. This is not what this site is about! You meticulously stage situations where you can approach her.

Your goal is to get her to notice you. This may be a painstaking task requiring lots of patience. You may go through days without an opportunity. Here are some ways to get yourself noticed:

-Open the door for her
-Greet her
-Smile at her (not the creepy kind)
-Stir up a light conversation, it could be something she has in her hand or about the weather

Don’t go crazy on this step. If you see her pushback or sense her being scared of you. Back off!

Assuming by now you see her regularly and she shows mutual interest in you. You should also know her interest. One of the best ways to ask a lady out is to invite her to try a new restaurant. If that is too intimate, try coffee shop or dessert place. Be clear that you want to invite her and not mislead her to think there will be others as well. An alternative would be to buy tickets to a show that she would be interested in. This can be a sporting event, concert, musical, or art. I don’t think it is wrong to say you have an ‘extra ticket’. It is extra ;)

Good luck! Please leave a comment if you have other ideas as well.