How to build an effective online dating profile


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First impression is everything. The same goes for when you are are a job interview, meeting new people, and online dating profiles. The good thing about an online dating profile is that you control 100% of the content in your profile. You yourself can dictate how effective your dating profile is. Once you get over the hump of actually creating a profile, why not put your best food forward? This is not possible when you meet someone in person. You may try your best, dress your best, but you cannot control everything.

First things first, your online dating profile must have a photo. Having a real photo of you will increase the number of hits to your profile. Your goal is to eventually meet the person so there is no reason to hide your identity. Ensure your photo is clear and well lit. Do not upload a photo that falsely represents you *ahem*photoshop*ahem. Upload a portrait photo of your head and one with your full body. If there are multiple people in the photo, make it clear using the description. Your photo should reflect how you look today that if someone who has never met you will be able to spot you in a room. Avoid a selfie if possible….

Next, write an honest profile. This is not a job interview or your attempt at scoring a grant from the federal government. Do not be overly long winded where the reader will want Cliff notes. Do not ramble on and on and on about what you want in a relationship. There is no need to put all your demons out there also. Highlight want you can bring to a relationship. What people appreciate about you. Your gifts. Highlight the required traits and any deal-breakers you may have. Some samples would be smoking, allergic to pets, children and that sort of things.