5 Online Dating Quickies!


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Occasionally, I will do a quick Q/A on online dating sites. If you have any questions on any online dating sites, please email me at webmaster’at’onlinedatingranking’dot’net!

1) Is howaboutwe.com legit?

Yes it is! They got a great staff and I have personally spoken to the CEO, Brian Schechter, and people who work for him. Great down-to-earth people who believes in what they do. Great team, great website, and it shows. Brian mentioned in this interview that traditional online dating sites are tedious. He adds, “Traditional online dating sites forces you to spend more time on your profile than to encourage you to go out on dates. Howaboutwe.com puts dating back into online dating.” I have to agree with that.

2) How long does it take to find a date on online dating sites?

Really depends on a lot of factors. For more flirtatious sites where you can find someone in a city for some company like Zoosk or Craigslist, or plentoffish, people expect to find someone the same day for some drinks or dinner! Others may be looking for a long term relationship and search as if they are looking for their soul mate!

3) Are the responses from dating sites real?

Legitimate sites such as the online dating sites which are featured here are established themselves as genuine. With that said, there are people who sign up to online dating sites with no intention of finding dates. As users, you need to take the proper precautions when using these sites. Most sites have guidelines on how to exercise good judgement when meeting for a date such as finding your own ride to the date, withhold giving your home address until comfortable, etc. If a dating site looks shady, is not a well known brand, with poor reviews, chances are the responses are robotic and not real. If you have a site and not sure, send it over and we can do a review.

4) I tried several dating sites and I can’t seem to find anyone that is a match for me. Should I continue or just give up?

It sounds like you are looking for a slam dunk on online dating sites! Remember, online dating sites are simply an alternative method to meet more people who have the same goal in mind. Don’t worry about finding the perfect man / woman. You can only tell so much from a person’s profile. Have a set of deal breaker qualities and completely filter out those. Then start conversations or messages with those who meet the other minimal qualifications. Let me know how it turns out!

5) Is dating with several people whom you meet from online dating sites ok?

As long as you do not mislead someone it is ok. With that said. I don’t think anyone expects you to talk to a potential partner exclusively when on an online dating site. I think the time to pull out is when you start a relationship with someone. That is when you need to let people know that you no longer available.