Online Dating – When To Ask Someone Out On A Date?


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Here we are. You’ve done the dance and jumped through the hoops to finally get to the point of communicating freely with a potential partner. So when is it appropriate to ask someone out on a date? It really comes down to each others comfort zone.Some people may want to immediately get together and meet because of a match in a unique interest. Others may want to feel completely secure before jumping the gate.

Below are some signs to indicate the desire to meet is mutual:

1) Your interest constantly mentions about an event or restaurant they haven’t tried in a while

2) Your interest responds to you within a day

3) Your interest often indicates when they are free or have no plans on a weekend

4) Your interest nudges you more about your appearance

5) Your interest asks about your whereabouts the past few days

Important thing is to be patient. By now, you probably went through hundreds of profiles before you got to this one. Take your time and enjoy the dance!