Online Dating – When is it cheating?


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It didn’t take long for guys to lurch at you after you uploaded your picture. First came the winks then the messages. After blowing by profile after profile, you finally responded to some of the ones that interest you. The ones who shared the taste of certain musicians. That is usually a good way to stir up a conversation. You finally begin to consistently ‘talk’ to one guy. He seems to be just the person you hope to run into after signing up to this online dating site. It was just about the time when you begin thinking if this person may be the one you are willing to make that step to meeting someone when you get a message from someone.

The message wasn’t one of those one liners who thinks I’m cute or says I’m beautiful. It was a thought out letter written by an attractive gentleman who took the time to read through my entire profile (and god knows I am wordy!). Now you have a dilemma. On one hand, you have already been communicating with one person and on the verge of going on a date. On the other hand, you have someone who seems to be a potential as well.

The irony is, it is the presumption that you are available and seeking but if you indicate that you were seeing someone, that would be awkward and unfair.

What does the team think? Go for it. There is no written creed to indicate that you must only correspond with one person at a time when meeting people at online dating sites. You should be encouraged to communicate with as many people and even meet more than one person. Once you cross that stage where you find the right person and want to commit to the relationship, I think you will know when it would be time to shut down your account and enjoy your relationship with the one you have found.