eHarmony Promotional Coupon Codes

eHarmony Promotions Promotions

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eharmony coupon code

eHarmony announced their US promotional  coupon codes effective from Jan. 2011!

eHarmony Promotions:
Save 20% on a 6-month eHarmony subscription! (coupon code: CJPROMOAAVCA, Exp. 9/31/2011)
Save 17% on a 12 month subscription with eHarmony (coupon code: CJPROMOBBTCA, Exp. 9/31/2011)

United States:
Save 20% on a 6 month subscription with eHarmony. Use code CJPROMOAAW. Expires 9/31/11
Save 17% on a 12 month subscription with eHarmony! Valid through 9/31/11. Use code CJPROMOBBQ