Online Dating – Flashback to Your First Crush


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Do you recall when your first crush was? I recall it vividly. Why? Firstly, her name was Chichi. I kid you not. Second, I landed a big wet kiss on her cheek when I ran into her on the stairs after school. How old was I? I was five years old and it was in kindergarten. Chichi was a family friend and we both frequented each others house. She was a shy Asian girl with humongous eyes. We ended up going to the same elementary, middle, and high school. Funny thing is that we kept in touch and is even on my Facebook friend’s list! I’m married with kids and she’s single.

Thinking back, I discovered my interest in girls quite early in my life. I was very naive and loved playing with girls.  I can almost recall every girl I had a crush every since I landed the wet one.  I had my first girlfriend when I was 14, her name was Evie whom I dated from Sophomore year until Senior.  3 years for the first girlfriend, that’s pretty serious stuff!

It’s interesting to note how my taste evolved over the years. I can literally map out how my taste changed. I’m also fortunate enough to keep in touch with a lot of my friends (I came from a very small private school) mostly through Facebook. I’m able to see how they developed and carried on with their love life. Some became happily married, some stayed single, and some had it a bit more rough.

How about you? Do you recall your first crush? What does your taste tell about you? Does it impact the type of people you are looking for?

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