Online Dating – Open to Dating Older Men?


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When filling out an online profile, you will be asked the range of men you are open to meeting. The range allow you to basically select any age between 18  to any age you can imagine. Back in high school, the most interaction you will have are boys in the same class. You may befriend boys from other upper or underclassmen but the max age difference is 3 years. There will always be some girl who will bring some college dude to the prom but any activity beyond prom night may be a conviction in the making.

But we are no longer in high school and there are many fishies in the sea. Dating older or younger men has its pros and cons.

Older men tend to be more patient as they are mature and stable. They may have more experience under their belt in terms of handling whatever life throws at them and relationships. They tend to know how to treat a lady and have the money to pamper. Older men also are more likely to approach you and take the initiative in courting you. They should be more accomplished in their field and have a sense of confidence and assertiveness in their demeanor.

The disadvantage in dating older men is that they may be more likely to be divorced or have too much “baggage”. They may be seeking for a serious relationship and reveal that to you shortly after dating. Another disadvantage may be the tendency to treat you like a child. It’s no secret that you may lack the life experience and older men may have the tendency to treat you like a child.

Weigh the pros and cons and decide how old is too old for your match.