Online Dating: Millionaire Matchmaker

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I finally got a chance to watch that Bravo show – Millionaire Matchmaker. I can see why this show is a hit entering its 5th season. Nothing is more entertaining to watch millionaires make a fool of themselves, at least most of them. What was interesting is to see how unnatural the millionaires look. Granted there are a growing number of “Sugarbabes”, majority of the millionaires on this show are Sugardaddies. The Sugardaddies often look uncomfortable and lost for words and skills to engage in a conversation. It’s possible this is because they are on camera.

The particular show I was watching had a millionaire that was looking for someone suitable for him. He may have exhausted his current cliche and wanted to search outside of his circle of friends. The ‘wanna-be-hitched-by-a-suggardaddie’ woman wouldn’t close her mouth. She kept insisting on presenting her DVD featuring hers truly in a lingerie outfit. I had a hard time keeping my channel on Bravo. No wonder the millionaire was uncomfortable!

To be fair, not not all is lost for sugardaddies and sugarbabes. There are genuine individuals who are capable of looking past the $ sign and search the real person aside from their bank account. As for the millionaires, it is possible to find someone who will learn to love them.

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