Online Dating eHarmony – Registration Process

Here is my walk-through for the eHarmony registration process. My goal is to give you an idea of what to expect during registration and what you can get out of free registration. It also helps that this week its the free guided communication at eHarmony.

The registration begins on the eHarmony’s front page where you enter your basic information such as name, e-mail, your gender and the partner you are looking for. It’s worthy to note that if you are seeking a same-sex partner, you will be redirected to their same sex site,

Section 1 ‘General Information’ Part 1 of registration you provide basic information such as your age, income, height, ethnicity and more. There is instruction to answer as accurate and honest as possible. The right side will give you a status bar to indicate how far in the registration you are. At the bottom, most pages do not have the ‘back’ button. Only ‘save and quit’ or ‘save and continue’. So make sure you think the questions out before you click next as you cannot change your answers.

In many of the questions, there is a slider bar which indicates a heat check to see if that attribute is important to you. You can answer by ‘not important at all’, ‘somewhat’, to ‘very important’. I want to also note that when you enter your ethnicity, Asian is divided up to specific ethnicity such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian. I’m surprised as most websites would just classify this as ‘Asian’. You can also select which ethnicity you prefer and again a slider bar to stress how important it is to you.

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