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(Disclosure, I may receive a small referral fee when you make a purchase through links on this post.) and released results from a dating survey they did and it is very interesting. The survey centrals around dates and dining.

Here are some of the highlights:

-70% found it a turn off if their date drank more than they did.

-23% of single men and women found it a turn off if their date didn’t drink any at all.

-43% will order a drink most of the time while 40% said they would not order a drink until their date orders one first.

-30% of non-vegetarians said they would not date a vegetarian while vice versa only 4% of vegetarian wouldn’t date a carnivore.

-18.5% of singles said they would not date a person who lack the skills to cook or refuse to cook.

-32% of singles are turned off by their date’s lack of food knowledge.

-66% of singles are bothered if their date doesn’t like to try certain types of food.

-Over 90% of men who are single still think a traditional dinner date is the best for a first or second date.

-67% of singles think it is a pet peeve if their date orders for them.

-62% are turned off if they are asked to split the check (I would think it would be much higher.)

-Over half at 56% are turned off by a date who can’t make up their mind when ordering.

-70% of people appreciate when their date has some knowledge of food, wine, and pairings

-56% appreciates when their date offers a bite of their food

-87% claims it would upset them if their date flirts with the waiter / waitress

-Only 4% claims it would be a turn on. (Remaining 9% is still sitting there wondering what just happened j/k!)

-If push comes to shove, 39% of women would rather give up sex than their favorite food for a year of which only 16% of men would do the same.

-What food would they give up sex for? #1 was chocolate at 26% followed by a juicy stead at 25%.

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