and releases dating survey and released results from a dating survey they did and it is very interesting. The survey centrals around dates and dining.

Here are some of the highlights:

-70% found it a turn off if their date drank more than they did.

-23% of single men and women found it a turn off if their date didn’t drink any at all.

-43% will order a drink most of the time while 40% said they would not order a drink until their date orders one first.

-30% of non-vegetarians said they would not date a vegetarian while vice versa only 4% of vegetarian wouldn’t date a carnivore.

-18.5% of singles said they would not date a person who lack the skills to cook or refuse to cook.

-32% of singles are turned off by their date’s lack of food knowledge.

-66% of singles are bothered if their date doesn’t like to try certain types of food.

-Over 90% of men who are single still think a traditional dinner date is the best for a first or second date.

-67% of singles think it is a pet peeve if their date orders for them.

-62% are turned off if they are asked to split the check (I would think it would be much higher.)

-Over half at 56% are turned off by a date who can’t make up their mind when ordering.

-70% of people appreciate when their date has some knowledge of food, wine, and pairings

-56% appreciates when their date offers a bite of their food

-87% claims it would upset them if their date flirts with the waiter / waitress

-Only 4% claims it would be a turn on. (Remaining 9% is still sitting there wondering what just happened j/k!)

-If push comes to shove, 39% of women would rather give up sex than their favorite food for a year of which only 16% of men would do the same.

-What food would they give up sex for? #1 was chocolate at 26% followed by a juicy stead at 25%.

You can find other survey’s here.’s comprehensive study of singles in America released its second annual comprehensive study on singles in America. The report goes into researching how single women and men think in today’s time. They surveyed over five thousand singles for this report on an array of topics including sex, relationships, love, and thoughts on dating. financed this survey and reached out to Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Laura Berman, and Dr. Justin Garcia for their views on the survey results. Keep posted on their blog at for upcoming entries resulting from the survey.

Here are some more interesting findings:

Which political party has a better set life?

-Conservative Republicans (40%) reported to be more satisfied with sex in marriage but also reported to having the least number of times having sex a year.

Is fidelity more important in the U.S. president than in a partner?
-Almost 90% of those surveyes said there was no excuse for infidelity by a politician while 62% of men and 80% of women say sexual fidelity in a relationship is a must.

Partner preference between Republican and Democrats:
Liberals prefer to find someone with a sense of humor, independent, and similar lifestyle.
Republicans look for someone who have the same background and interested in marriage.

Men are more likely to have been in love than women:
By the time they are 30, 58% of men say they have been in love compared to 51% of women.

Men are more comfortable displaying affection in public:
41% of men have no problems kissing in public compared to 31% of women.

Men are more likely be committed without being in love or sexually attracted to their partner:
31% of men and only 23% of women indicated that they are willing to commit to a relationship even though they are not in love or sexually attracted.

Men are as stressed about being lonely as women:
31% of men and 33% of women indicated that they find loneliness very stressful.

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