Holiday Tips for Online Dating


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is the time of the year where being single can hit you like a brick wall with all the parties, get togethers and other gatherings. You won’t be able to shop for that special someone and you want to forget about getting that special gift from your significant other. Many people may result to doing something out of the ordinary to try to find that someone special such as contacting ex’s. This is obviously not a good idea. Although online dating site may lead to finding someone special, it is not a good idea to seek partners for the sake of the season. It is not fair for yourself or fair for the person you are contacting.

What you can do instead is to spend time and reflect on yourself. How has the year been for you? What did you enjoy most about this year although you were single. Were you able to spend more time with yourself or family and friends because you had more time. Make achievable and sustainable goals for next year. Do you want to eat more healthy? Exercise more? Start a hobby or get involved with a cause you are passionate about! One of the things I have notice about many of our fellow couples we have interviewed or work with is that their significant other seems to come before them when they are occupied with something else.

May your 2014 be filled with good health and your wishes come true!