Registration and Walk Through


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Here is’s exclusive walk through for registration. It’s not hard to discover where to begin sign up. Once you go to, you are prompted with your sex and the sex of your mate, zip code, and age. I realize this isn’t very relevant except for the zip code.

You are then prompted to enter your e-mail and select a password.

Then wah lah! Indeed this is probably one of the quickest registration so far! I didn’t even have to enter much about my details! … so I thought. Once I tried to click on someone who interests me, I am immediately prompted to enter more details so people can find me. Fair enough.

Basics: registration 3

First question asks what brings me to Several options. registration 4
In the following page, it asks “Where did you grow up? and “What is your sign?”. registration 5


Relatively straight forward questions regarding your physical appearance. Now I realized I was suckered into thinking “registration” was over after I entered my email and password. Any selection after the initial page / search would probably have prompt me ot complete my profile. I also noticed that the upper right side was the status bar as to how far along I was in the registration process. registration 6


3 pages of questions relating to interests which is understandable. It’s hard to write down how much I love Shawshank Redemption on the same page as how I am shamelessly addicted to Katy Perry’s songs. registration 7

Page 2 of Interests section has another list of checkbox which asks you what type of activities would you enjoy sharing with your date. It’s a good idea to see if you want your partner to enjoy the same things as you. Some may not want their partner to invade in their activities.

Page 3 of Interests has thumbnail images of the genre of movies you appreciate. You can click as many as you want. It has selections for romance, comedy, sci-fi, foreign, action & adventure, thriller, classic, and drama.


After answering the question about if you have children, another drop down question will appear asking if you want children.

Lifestyle page 2 asks about your income and what kind of pet can you enjoy. It doesn’t give you an option to dislike any type of pet which surprised me. I can’t stand cats and probably would not be able to spend my life with someone who must own a cat.


Next comes identifying your ethnicity and religion (if you have any). Following this you can enter the languages you speak and what education you have achieved. registration 10

Get To Know Me:

I thought we were done with the Interests section but you are given an opportunity to share more about yourself. Pretty neat. It asks from your birth order, circumstantial, and who are your favorite comedians. Page 2 of this section allows you to indicate if you were to take a 2 weeks vacation, what vacation would you take. Options are Europe with no plans, exotic beach, drive cross country, stay at home and relax, and go to Asia. registration 11



This completes the section about yourself. In the following section, you can identify your type. I’m glad that I can find someone who is as short as 3′ and tall as 8’11”, that should cover it all :) registration 12You can then flag your desiree”s background / values / lifestyle /  similar to what you filled out earlier. This is also where you can indicate if you would accept a smoker / drinker.

In Your Own Words:

This is probably where a lot of people spend the most time and get stuck on. In Your Own Words. Most if not all online dating sites will have a section where you can promote yourself. Your brag sheet, who you really are in an essay form. You are required to write at least 200 characters minimum and 4000 maximum. This is where you can talk about yourself and who you are looking for. What is interesting here is that there is a flag which allows you to send your profile to, sister’s site. registration 13

Finally you are given a chance to upload a picture. If you skip this portion, they will make an attempt to make you a paid subscriber. You are now free to search through profiles! registration 14

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