Chinese Parents Play Matchmaker at the Park


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If you are a grown man or woman with a decent job and single, something must be wrong. This is what a lot of your relatives probably ask you during holiday get together. Imagine walking through a park with your name, occupation, age, height, background writing on a piece of paper with a plea. A desperate plea included in a hand written note plastered for other concerned parents to see. This isn’t fiction or a plot to the next, “Meet the Fockers” trilogy. This is reality. In China, there is a park where parents of single adult child(ren) post pleas in an attempt to find a match. Ensuring their children getting married and have children is very important to the Chinese household. It ensures the family name being passed on. It also ensures there will be someone to take over them as they age. For single sons, they hope that they will be able to find a capable wife who will help them rear grandchildren, clean, and cook for them. For single daughters, they hope that they can find a wealthy husband who can support them financially and take care of any household issues including perhaps family business. Times have change in China as many choose to go to school at university and pursue careers oftentimes sacrificing relationships and choosing books over dates. This may be a good way for them to case a wider net to expand their reach.

Parents Play Cupid at China’s Matchmaking Markets.