Online Dating Trends for 2016


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h2New year is around the corner as 2015 goes down in the record books. How was your relationship life in 2015? Were you successful in finding a potential mate in 2015 through acquaintance, by chance, or by online dating sites? Many of you will make new year resolutions for the upcoming year. If you are bummed you didn’t find that special someone, don’t worry. As the new year turns, it is a great opportunity to start fresh. Refresh your mind and approach in the things you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Get a new job? Fix relationships? Spend more time meditating? Become more in touch with your spiritual side? Note down these things and prioritize what is the most important to you. For many, finding that special someone is a priority. What are the online dating trends for 2016?

For one, the term ‘online dating’ is used less. The line between the virtual world (online) and in person has become so thin that it is almost irrelevant. Work places have become to embrace technology to communicate. Tools such as e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing, has made in person meetings less important. Some businesses operate completely online and deals struck solely online. Similarly, you meet people online or getting to know people better online is the norm. Gone are the assumption that meeting people online is awkward. No explanation is required. Exchanging Facebook contacts or kik usernames are more simple than exchanging phone numbers. People may no longer hide the fact that they meet or are on online dating sites or apps. People may simply bring up the point that they met on Tinder or on eHarmony.

Another online dating trend is the use of mobile phones or apps. Tinder has really caused a shake up on the online dating scene for its simplicity. It is extremely simply to use and increases your chance of being matched to show interest between both parties.

This is all great news for people looking to use technology to meet people. It increases your chance of meeting someone as more and more people try these sites and apps. On the other hand. One concerning trend in using technology are fraudulent impostors trying to take advantage of people. As usual, take precaution before meeting people or entrusting people with money or information to people you don’t know.

Hope your wish comes true!